Organisational Culture Assessments

Organisational culture is the shared characteristics among people within the same organisation. It includes the values, norms of behaviour, routines, traditions, perspectives and beliefs of individuals.

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Can you describe your organisations culture?

It is not surprising that leading organisations have begun to reflect on the culture and subcultures of their organisations. They are intent on assessing whether issues exist, their underlying causes and what actions could be taken to either change or enhance their organisational culture.

For businesses, a positive culture can be a differentiator in a saturated landscape, both for staff, customers and investors. For governments, it’s about being well placed to respond effectively to changed service delivery models, low productivity and yet another cut in the public sector budget

There is such a focus on culture at present. However it shouldn’t just be about organisations having to defend their culture. It should be about these organisations being proud of their culture. Organisations with the ‘right culture’ can create real opportunity and sustainable performance from that.

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What is Culture?

Culture is generally understood as “the way things are done around here”. In an organisation, it relates to people, performance, individual beliefs and leadership.

It encompasses risk culture which addresses the articulation, communication, measurement and management of risks within an organisation. It also takes into account conduct risk, which seeks to identify and address risk in product design and sales practices and behaviours that have an impact on customers.

We believe organisations need to tackle the issue of culture in its broadest sense to effect lasting change. While conduct risk and risk management are critical factors – and gain significant attention from regulators, boards and management – they are not enough in themselves.

It is only by taking a more holistic approach, understanding and addressing an organisation’s core strengths and weaknesses as regards leadership, individual beliefs and other organisational mechanisms (such as structure and policies and processes (intent), and associated operationalisation (execution), that a genuine transformation can occur. 

We can support your organisation to understand the Culture through a culture assessment and provide advice and guidance on what the next steps for you are.

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