Referral Partner Introducer Scheme

We value our clients, suppliers and other contacts referring new work to us. Word of mouth is the best way to grow your business and its how 90% of our work is currently generated. For those who are interested in working with us as a referral partner, you must first be accepted to become part of our Referral Partner Introducer Scheme which enables you to refer potential clients to our business and be rewarded through the scheme.

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A message from our MD

Thanks for visiting our company website and for being interested in becoming a referral partner for us. The scheme is aimed at rewarding individuals or companies who feel they can confidently refer their network to us for the types of services we provide. We don’t work allow anyone and everyone to become a referral partner, we want you to learn and understand our services to ensure the work you do refer is the right type of work for us. We have many referral partners who successfully refer clients to us regularly. To become a referral partner we want you to understand our business and the types of services we deliver and feel confident that we can deliver exceptionally good value services to them. If you believe we do a good job, then you will be confident in referring to us. 

If this is something you are interested in, please complete the form below and send it through to us and I will set up a telephone call to discuss it further.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Melanie Stead 

Optimal People & Business Services would like to engage with anyone who feels they can suitably refer our services within their existing network.

Our Referral Partner Introducer Scheme will pay an fee of £200.00 to any Referral Partner who introduces a new Client to Optimal People & Business Services Ltd, provided that all the terms of this Agreement are satisfied.

The fee will be increased to £300.00 per referral to any Referral Partner who introduces more than 5 new Clients to Optimal People & Business Services Ltd within any 12-month period. 

Terms and conditions

For a Referral Partner to receive an Introducer Fee the following terms must be satisfied:

The Client being referred by the Referral Partner must have agreed to the referral of business.

Only one Introducer Fee will be paid for each Client introduced. If more than one eligible Referral Partner refers the same Client, the Introduction Fee will be paid to the colleague whose submitted the Client first, in line with the procedure.

The total value of the initial work for each Client referred must exceed £1,500 at the point of the agreement being signed.

The new Client must not have discussed any services with the Company independently prior to the referral being submitted by a Referral Partner.

The Referral Partner are strictly prohibited from:

  • Holding themselves out as employees of Optimal People & Business Services
  • Attempting to directly sell any services which will be delivered by Optimal People & Business Services
  • Set any fees or timescales for proposed work to be completed between the potential Client and Optimal People & Business Services for any services they are referring

There is no limit on the number of referrals that Referral Partner can make. However, any referral must be in connection with services the Company currently provide.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following Departments within the Company where work can be referred to is as follows:

  • Human Resources
    • HR Outsourcing – e.g – HR Administration, Contracts of Employment & Employee Handbooks, Employee Relations issues, Policy reviews etc
    • HR project work – e.g M&A activity, TUPE transfers, Restructures etc
  • Recruitment
    • Permanent placements
    • Temporary placements
    • Contractor placements
    • Consultant placements
  • Learning & Development
    • E-Learning Programmes
    • Management Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Mental Health Awareness & First Aid workshops
    • Well-Being workshops
    • Customer Service Programmes


The work referred must exceed £1,500 in one referral and into one department named above. Referrals made which cover more than one area but neither area individually achieves £1,500 in fees will not be classed as a referral.


The Referral Partner should email the Managing Director with details of the Company which they are referring and what services they require. They should clearly identify the email as a referral email. The Managing Director will contact the potential client and discuss their requirements and submit a proposal to the Client with estimated costs. 

Should the proposal be accepted then the Managing Director will validate the referral and confirm with the Referral Partner if it fits the criteria to be eligible for the scheme. 

The payment will be paid within 14 days following the Clients payment of the invoice. 

The Managing Director’s decision is final should there be any disputes.

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