Sara joined Optimal in February 2020 to support the Company’s growth by managing the Company invoicing and accounts.

More about Sara

Walking my dog, reading, gardening, playing netball.

Camping anywhere. Not cold places.

Breakfast in bed, cryptic crossword, long walk, deli lunch, afternoon snooze, cake for dinner, early night.  And on Sunday? Repeat.

No – anything from Prince to Bach…and pretty much anything in between!

Dog – Albus Dumbledog and two cats – Luna and Tonks

My first boss after having children – she took a chance on me, had complete faith and gave me so much confidence, in myself and other people.  She showed me that business does not have to be a masculine, aggressive place and people will constantly surprise you with their loyalty and their kindness.  Treat ‘em right so their star shines bright.  The grammar in that phrase annoys the hell out of me.  And that tells you all you need to know about my exacting standards for spelling and punctuation!

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