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From gathering feedback to monitoring progress, our surveys can measure employee engagement, improve performance and enrich your company culture.

People, not profits, enable organisations to be successful and the key to maintaining a motivated work force to drive business forward is communication. Employee surveys can provide you with the trackable metrics you need to measure how happy your staff are in their jobs. With motivated, loyal, well trained employees and a happy work environment your company will achieve higher productivity.

Investing resources into creating a positive work environment will pay dividends in helping your company grow. Achieving employee satisfaction and engagement should rate highly on every companies list of objectives as employees on the front line may interact with hundreds of customers every day. Employees are often the first to know when something goes right or wrong, and by gathering feedback in a structured way, you can analyse responses to stay on top of any issues.

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Most businesses track customer satisfaction but don’t measure employee satisfaction as often. However, by executing a long-term strategy of retaining motivated employees that provide great service, you will in turn increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Unhappy employees who leave your company and voice their grievances are detrimental to your brand. Employee focused strategy has become the norm, not the exception in thriving companies and consumers look favourably on organisations that invest in people, rather than profits.

By engaging directly with your employees, you will be able to identify what is working well and what needs improving. For example, by frequently using pulse surveys and occasionally conducting more in depth satisfaction surveys, you can stay on top of what is making your business tick, allowing you to address issues before they have a long-term effect on customer satisfaction.

  • Employee satisfaction surveys – Understand how your employees feel about their roles and responsibilities, measure loyalty and engagement and assess workplace climate.
  • 360 review surveys – Help employees develop their business skills, identify areas that need improvement and measure progress over time.
  • Performance appraisals – Gather business critical insight on performance to plan strategy and develop career paths.
  • Employee development – Find out if your employees are satisfied with their job training opportunities and if there are ways you can help advance their careers.
  • Polls and pulse surveys – Generate quick and frequent surveys designed to gain awareness about the health of your organisation and improve internal communications.

A well-designed employee satisfaction survey is one of the most efficient ways to facilitate two-way communication in order understand what stimulates your staff.

Benefits of motivated employees include:

    • Improved efficiency
    • By increasing an employee’s desire to want to do a good job, you will improve their output
    • Increased commitment
    • Happy employees will put in the maximum amount of effort to assigned tasks
    • Greater satisfaction
    • Fulfilled employees will have a positive knock-on effect to the growth of your company
    • Staff development
    • Motivated employees will strive to attain personal work-place goals and increased self-development
    • Decreased staff turnover
    • By building commitment amongst your staff, you will reduce employee churn.

When designing employee surveys, it is important to keep them anonymous so that employees can feel free to give you honest and open feedback without worrying about reprisals.

Employee surveys can also be designed to assess internal meetings, induction sessions or staff events. By carrying out a quick online survey you can evaluate if you met your objectives and improve the way things are done.

5 employee survey design tips

  • Have a clear objective of what you want to achieve.
  • Do not ask questions about non-essential information.
  • Focus on two or three topics that will have the greatest impact on business goals.
  • Identify areas that require richer feedback and ask more detailed questions.
  • Critically review your questionnaire to make sure you receive actionable results.

It’s important to remember that employee surveys need to provide information you can act on to develop a loyal, motivated work force that will help achieve your business goals.

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