360 Feedback, Coaching & Mentoring

When well-designed and delivered, coaching has been found to be one of the most effective approaches for developing senior leaders and enhancing the performance of their teams and organisations.

Over 30 years experience

One-to-one development for your people

360 feedback, coaching and mentoring programmes are highly effective development techniques for any organisation that is serious about improving individual performance and proving that they value their people.

At Optimal we offer bespoke one-to-one development programmes for managers, leaders, decision-makers and valued employees of all levels. Through coaching, mentoring and 360 review we’ll help to build self-awareness, boost confidence, enhance skills and improve individual effectiveness.

Do your people know their strengths and development potential? Would you like to know how your leadership style is perceived by your staff?

Optimal provides you with a clear picture. Our 360 degree feedback service (or 360 degree appraisal/360 degree review as it is sometimes known) will give you comprehensive performance feedback from your staff, your managers, your colleagues, your customers and others.

360 degree feedback will help you improve performance and communication in your organisation. It compares your own perception with how others see your performance, providing fascinating and valuable insights to help you develop.

Optimal’s 360 Degree Feedback Service
Optimal incorporate 360 degree feedback into our team, leadership and individual training programmes and development centres and also in our coaching and mentoring work.

We also offer a standalone 360 degree feedback service and coaching in how to conduct this highly effective method of performance review, showing how to interpret and use the results for development purposes.

Supporting you to make that change

Coaching is an opportunity for one-to-one support and development for individuals to improve their effectiveness and performance, against both organisational and individual goals. Through coaching you will become aware of your strengths and areas for development, assessing your own performance and obtaining valuable feedback from those around you. Your coach will help you to find and set your direction. Through focused development you’ll learn the skills and behaviours you need to achieve those goals.

Optimal has learning and development consultants who have all held senior operational roles to board level. We share our knowledge and experience as mentors to valued employees and business leaders. We offer our advice, guidance and support to help them with their career or personal development aims.

The Benefits

For you: clarity on your goals; better awareness of your skills and the impact of your behaviours on others; enhanced leadership skills and self-confidence; focused development in private; an understanding of where you are going and where you fit in the organisation.

For your organisation: happier, more engaged employees; better retention; improved effectiveness and performance (both for the individual and their team); faster development.

Meet our team

Our team of experienced professionals have worked across multiple sectors and have significant experience of supporting our clients with all of their Human Resources and Training needs.

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