Why Is Onboarding So Important

What is it?

When we talk about onboarding, we mean the process of integrating a new employee into the business.

For some businesses, the main aim when recruiting a new employee is to see a return on investment as quickly as possible. With this in mind, some employers may cover basic Health and Safety items and then leave the new employee at their desk, to commence work. Although this may seem like a quick win, it’s not.

During an employee’s first day the focus should be on settling them in and making them feel comfortable and welcome. There are always some first-day nerves and if not put at ease these can lead to doubts… Have I made the right decision? Should I have accepted the other offer? Was I better off in my old position? I think we’ve all heard a story of someone who went for lunch on their first day and never returned!

Why is it so important?

As we enter 2019, we are seeing an employment market where employees have more control than ever before. Roles are more readily available and employees expect more than ever before. Statistics show that 20% of turnover happens in the first 45days of employment.  Which shows employers need to get this right at the start before the employee makes the decision to leave.

*On average it can cost around £11,000 to replace an employee earning the UK average of £27,721 and you don’t want that money to have gone to waste.

*Source: https://businessadvice.co.uk/hr/recruitment/revealed-the-secret-costs-of-replacing-your-staff/

What should the Aims and Objectives be?

The main aim is for the employee to leave after their first day happy that they made the right decision and eager to return the following day.

The objectives will differ slightly depending on the role and level the employee is starting within the business. However, the core objectives will remain the same.

At Optimal PBS we offer a free consultation to discuss your induction procedure and assess if you could benefit from enhancement. Don’t worry if you don’t currently have a process, we can work with you to design the best options for your business.

We know one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we work with our clients to ensure the work we provide is bespoke to your requirements.

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