Shocking workplace statistics

This week, Executive Grapevine revealed a number of workplace statistics about how the workplace is changing, and how professionals are responding to these changes.

• 70% of employees are actively disengaged
• 58% of workers would actively trust a total stranger over their boss
• 79% of professionals quit their job because of a ‘lack of appreciation’
• 50% of workers forfeited nearly half their paid holiday last year
• 10% of professionals didn’t take any holiday last year

Mel Stead, Managing Director of Optimal People & Business Services, says “The reality is that often, business leaders are unaware of the issues facing their own workforce. As business leaders, we need to show our employees, staff or team that we care by creating a culture of inclusiveness and opening channels for better social interaction.”

Mel Stead
Managing Director
Optimal PBS

Source: https://www.executivegrapevine.com/content/article/2019-11-07-shocking-workplace-stats-you-need-to-know/linkedin

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