Mental Health - Employer and Employee Training Package

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These courses define mental health, look at the symptoms, and the impact of it, legislation and how to devise an action plan to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace for you and your employees.

These courses help to define mental health, look at the symptoms of some mental health issues and the impact they can have, as well as legislation and how to devise an action plan to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace for you and your employees.

Both of these courses aim to improve your understanding of your own and your employees’ mental health and wellbeing, and how you can better promote workplace wellbeing through slight changes in day-to-day behaviour.

Who should take this course and why?
These courses are aimed at anyone who wishes to learn more about improving their mental health and wellbeing and that of their employees.

What does this course cover?
Training outcomes for this course are as follows:


  • Identify personal stressors and actions that can be taken to relieve them
  • Compare workplace factors and their effect on personal wellbeing management
  • Determine factors affecting clear communication and identify best practice for positive communication
  • Describe types of positive mindset and how they can be adopted
  • Summarise the role of physical health in mental health and the areas in which personal improvements can be made
  • Identify the stigma and cultural issues attached to mental health and actions for overcoming them


  • Define mental health and the key influencing factors
  • Identify the symptoms of a range of common mental health issues
  • Describe the impact of mental health issues on the workplace
  • Summarise the legislation associated with mental health at work
  • Device an action plan as to how you can promote mental wellbeing in your workplace and support your staff

Mental Health – Employer and Employee Training Pack Certificate

Once you have completed this course, you can download and print a certificate for your own records. Both courses are accredited by CPD. The certificates, awarded upon successful completion, can be used to log your hours against.

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