Level 3 HACCP Training

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Course Description

An important aspect of food safety is a successful food safety system, and anyone working in the food industry needs to be aware of how this system works. Businesses may use a system designed to meet their needs, but EU law requires that all food safety systems are based on the HACCP guidelines and so it is important that food staff understand them.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and is a seven-principle system designed to assess and address potential hazards in food industry workplaces. Employers can only show that they are qualified to fulfil their duties safely if their staff are trained in line with the seven principles of HACCP.

Our Level 3 HACCP Training course guides food safety managers and supervisors through the guidelines to successfully implement and monitor the HACCP (stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) seven principles in their workplace. Only by providing effective HACCP training can you ensure that you and your employees are suitably competent to fulfil their duties safely and to internationally recognised HACCP standards.

As they work through our course, learners will learn about all aspects of HACCP. They will be able to explain the need for a food safety system based on HACCP; how the HACCP principles are used to create a food safety system; how HACCP is applied to the type of food business you work in, and why procedures and documentation are needed to consistently produce safe food.

Who should take this course and why?
This course is for anyone responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of a HACCP system or team. It is also suitable for small business owners and managers, across the catering and retail sectors, including restaurants, cafes, takeaways, food trucks, school kitchens, bars and pubs. After undertaking this online course, learners will be able to analyse hazards effectively and determine control points in line with established HACCP principles.

Overall, it will ensure you gain the necessary understanding of food safety systems and how to implement them, all the while ensuring your business is compliant with Regulation 852/2004, Article 5 and that you are producing food that is safe. It also demonstrates that your organisation is dedicated to educating its staff by delivering first class food safety training in line with the HACCP guidelines without the need for off-site learning or disruptive classroom sessions.

What does this course cover?
To help develop a greater understanding of the HACCP principles, our interactive course is divided into the following lessons:

  • Overview of food safety management
  • History and background to HACCP
  • Prerequisite programmes
  • Approaches to HACCP
  • The Codex Principles
  • HACCP in practice: Applying the principles
  • Catering and retail models
  • How to develop a HACCP plan
  • The phases of HACCP
  • The seven HACCP principles

Level 3 HACCP Training outcomes
After completing this e-learning course, supervisors and managers will be able to:

  • Outline the need for, and understand the importance of HACCP-based food safety management systems
  • Describe the HACCP approach to food safety procedures
  • Describe the importance of prerequisite programmes and what they should contain
  • Explain and evaluate the five preliminary steps in the logical application of HACCP
  • Easily identify hazards and risks in a food preparation or production process
  • Determine what is a critical control point (CCP) for significant hazards and establish critical limits
  • Describe the procedures required for monitoring CCPs and the corrective action procedures

Level 3 HACCP Training Certificate
The end-of-course test for this module consists of 30 multiple choice questions. You are required to achieve an 80% pass mark, but you can attempt the test up to three times at no extra cost.

After this, if you still haven’t achieved the 80% pass mark, you will need to contact the support team to discuss extra attempts.

On completion of the course and online test you will be able to download and print your Level 3 HACCP certificate instantly, and we suggest you keep this for your records. The certificate includes the CPD logo as well as your name, the title of the course completed, certificate number, date completed and the modules covered within the course.

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