Have you considered the impact that adverse weather and travel disruptions have on your business?

HR Client Account Manager for Optimal PBS, Vici McLean, says “With the darker mornings and nights closing in and temperatures dropping, there is often an increase in travel disruption and bad weather which can delay or prevent employees getting to work. It can also mean that you have to adapt your business working arrangements to accommodate these challenges. If you don’t already have a policy in place you need to consider the following points:

• Paying delayed or absent workers

• Paying workers when an employer decides to close

• Alternative arrangements for disrupted work

• School closures and other unexpected issues

• Working temperatures during bad weather

• Planning ahead to minimise difficulties

ACAS have more information on this at: https://bit.ly/2OJKNDY

At Optimal PBS we can create or review your policies to ensure you support your employees and minimise the impacts on your business.”

Does your company have such a policy in place? If not, contact Vici to discuss your requirements on 07939 252 790 or vici@optimal-hr.co.uk

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