Forget new year new me…..I like the old me!

Forget New Year New Me

It’s that time of year where we can face extreme pressure to start new routines, get fit, eat healthy and become a BETTER version of ourselves. This can be tough at the best of times but after days of indulging, relaxing and generally enjoying yourself it can be even harder.

For me I’ve noticed this can add to the January blues we already face. We are telling ourselves we are not good enough and we need to change and this is not always healthy for us. We also put lots of pressure on ourselves in one of the hardest months of the year! So this year I am doing a new year, same me and I would encourage you to do the same. I’m not going to change drastically overnight due to a calendar date, but I am making some conscious efforts to maintain my wellbeing throughout this year.

I’m going to cover the main areas people seek to improve at New Year and let you know my approach.


I work a busy schedule and I can be in a different location from one day to the next which can affect my diet. I also have a wheat allergy which means finding food on the go can be difficult. Last year I spent a lot of time upset and disappointed about the fact that all I can eat at most motorway services is a basic side salad with no dressing! So this year I am taking ownership and will be meal prepping and batch cooking to help make things easier. I am choosing slow release energy foods that will keep me going and ensuring I eat at regular times. I’m avoiding processed foods and high sugar contents as I find these make me crash and feel lethargic not long after eating them.


Towards the back end of 2019 my fitness regime was non existent! To suddenly add lots of exercise now would be quite difficult for me but I acknowledge I would benefit from a more active lifestyle. Again with a busy schedule this can be difficult to find the time to fit this in. I have decided that instead of giving myself any targets or strict goals I am just going to make a conscious effort to increase physical activity. So I am taking the stairs instead of the lift, I am walking to the shops and leaving the car at home and now instead of walking my dogs I am jogging with them (okay it’s a walk, jog, walk, run, jog, walk, walk, walk but it’s a start). I have one evening a week where I have scheduled 1 hour to practice yoga as this has two benefits for me, one if the physical benefits and the second is it’s really good for my mental health to have this quiet time and I find it relaxing.


I am usually pretty good when it comes to money and from a young age have always had a savings account. I am strict with myself at the start of the month and will transfer a set amount into savings as soon as I get paid. If I have money left over at the end of the month I will sometimes treat myself but I focus more on the future now and I am happy adding the extra pennies towards my future goals and plans than buying that new outfit. I do think it’s important we use our earnings for fun and enjoyment and planning those days outs and holidays can be really exciting too.


Working in the field of Learning and Development I am a strong believer that learning should never stop, and because of this I am a lifelong learner! This year I am focusing on Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s a subject I have been interested in for a long time and I have decided this is the year I will dedicate to learning more. Learning new things is very good for our Mental Health but you don’t need to think in terms of formal training and education it could be learning a new sport or hobby. It could be the year you learn to cook or bake, take up that craft activity or finally play golf.

Going forward

So you will probably have gathered I am not saying don’t make positive changes. I do think we should always strive to make positive changes throughout the whole year. What I am saying is don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make big changes, quickly. Most things take time, patience and dedication. Give yourself chance to ease into the New Year instead of putting the pressure on yourself and you will hopefully find making positive changes a lot easier.

I would love to hear your views so do comment below or get in touch.

Kim Fidler

Learning and Development Consultant

Optimal PBS

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