Does My Business Need A Social Media Policy?

Social Media, we can’t live with it and often can’t live without it!!

Matthew Brain, our In-house Employment Solicitor shares his experience on how social media can be managed successfully in any business.

If managed appropriately, social media can be a highly effective marketing tool for a business, promoting it`s brand, as well as it`s expertise and reputation.

However, if not managed appropriately, it can cause internal (and possibly external) communication issues between line-managers and employees. It could also potentially put off prospective candidates.

As the use of social media grows, especially in the post-pandemic era, having a well-drafted workplace social media policy in place can help protect a business’ confidential information as well as its public reputation and perception. The policy should provide clarification to employees as to what is and what is not expected of them when they use social media, both on behalf of their employer and when acting in a personal capacity.

The policy should specify what type of conduct is prohibited, and must emphasise that any confidential or sensitive material relating to the employer must not be disclosed in social media posts. It must make clear to staff the importance of promoting the business’s best interests and protecting its reputation.

It should also enable employees to feel protected against being bullied via social media, and within the policy it is essential to outline the investigatory and disciplinary procedures if the policy is breached in any way, whether that is suspected to have taken place on the employees’ private or work-related social media.

The employer should consider imposing an obligation on employees to have a disclaimer on their personal social media profiles such as “The opinions share on this account are my own and are not the views of my employer”.

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