Do you think work was more secure twenty years ago?

Ever heard the saying “a job is no longer for life?” It may come as a surprise, but in UK today a fifth of workers are non-permanent which is actually the same as in 1998 according to the CIPD.

We hear lots of bad news about zero-hours contracts in the press which suggests there has been a steep rise in the use of them. The good news is, most workers do actually choose these types of contracts which give them the flexibility to manage other things in their life such as family, college or even other jobs. Whilst not everyone is happy with them, the majority who work on them are satisfied.

Mel Stead, Managing Director of Optimal People & Business Services, says “Employers are trying to get the right balance for both the business and the employee. Zero hour contracts genuinely do work really well for a lot of people but not everyone, and it’s important to ensure we don’t use these types of contracts simply as the best way for an employee to be able to work flexibly. Business owners need to think about other options for this as well so people don’t forfeit job stability for flexibility.”

So where is it all leading? More flexibility, collaboration, businesses being more work life balance friendly? What’s your thoughts?

Mel Stead
Managing Director
Optimal PBS

Source: https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/insecure-work-2018-cipd/

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