Are your gaming skills on your CV?

Are your gaming skills transferable?  One start-up believes these skills are completely transferable to the workplace.

It would seem unthinkable to many to tell a prospective employer that you are a hardcore gamer, and many recruiters would agree.  Bus Game academy, a start-up based in London suggests that many of the skills required to be a good gamer transfer well into the workplace and they suggest this is backed up by hard data.

If you enjoy unusual puzzle games like Portal or tower defence games like Defense Grid? The team has found that IT workers play those more than average.

But if you prefer Civilization, Total War, or X-Com, where strategy and resource management are key, then you might have more in common with managers.

As an employer, would you hire a hardcore gamer for their gaming skills?

Read the article published by BBC News at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49317440

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