Recruitment Services

For the Health and Social Care sector

There are many challenges for employers within the health & social care sector and recruitment and retention of employees is a significant one.  Front line staff are often paid relatively low wages and the hours can be very unsociable. 

Because of this, retaining employees can be difficult and therefore employers feel like they are on a permanent hamster wheel of recruiting staff which takes significant amounts of time away from delivering services to clients. 

Our Social Care Recruitment team have excellent knowledge of the skills required to work in roles within the sector.  The team is led by a Senior Recruitment Consultant who has over 25 years working in senior roles within social care organisations.

We fully understand the Safer Recruitment Process and can ensure you are fully compliant and can manage the entire process for you, from the moment you need to recruit, right through to the moment they walk through the door as a fully trained new employee.

Our service includes:

  • Provide a full exclusive external recruitment service for the recruitment of employees on a fixed fee basis. 
  • Undertake all candidate screening and CV sifting with a telephone interview to be completed with all candidates prior to being shortlisted
  • Setting up of Interviews with the Client and Candidate
  • Making job offers
  • Undertaking all pre-employment checks including all legal checks (enhanced DBS checks as an example)

All clients who work with us on a retained basis for HR support will receive a reduction in our standard fees for recruitment services provided we are retained on an exclusive basis.

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