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Your Sales & Marketing teams should be driving revenue and growth, creating a strong brand and good relationship management. However getting there can be challenging, success relies on the strength of the team. Finding good sales or marketing professionals can be complex, and recruiting them even harder.

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Brand and relationship management to drive growth

Sales and marketing are at the heart of any business, if you don’t promote your product or service then there’s going to be no customers willing to purchase. You need to ensure that you’re generating new work whilst maintaining a good relationship with current clients for your business to be a success.

There’s a number of roles within Sales & Marketing that an organisation may want to source. At Optimal PBS Recruitment Services, we can help all businesses throughout the UK with their Sales & Marketing recruitment to ensure that they find the perfect candidate for their business.

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The Sales & Marketing roles we recruit include

If you’re looking for help with your Chief Marketing Officer recruitment, then our database can help you find the perfect candidate for your business. Their responsibilities include overseeing the planning, development and execution of an organisation’s marketing and advertising.
The Marketing Director develops and implements the organisation’s brand strategy. They develop the marketing strategy for new and existing products or services and oversee any implementation of the marketing strategy. We can help with your Marketing Director recruitment through our library of professionals who are available throughout the UK.
Sales Director recruitment can be difficult if you’re looking for a specific candidate with industry experience. Fortunately, our database and network of professionals have candidates in all industries perfect for most organisations. A Sales Director typically craft the national or international sales plans and justify them to the board of directors or CEO and supervise any sales managers to ensure that they’re leading and mentoring their team.
The Head of Sales set activity and revenue targets for members of the sales team and ensure that the members of the sales departments are continually trained to help with their development. We can assist you with your Head of Sales recruitment through by accessing our library of professionals who have the skills you desire for your role.
Head of Marketing recruitment would bring in someone who is responsible for strategising and implementing the organisation’s marketing campaigns. They analyse the target audience before they proceed with the product or service promotion.
Head of Relationship Management recruitment would bring in someone who looks to build, maintain and improve the organisation’s relationship with clients and key personnel by conducting business reviews to ensure clients are satisfied with their purchase.
The Sales Manager manages the sales team and all sales activities within the company. They motivate staff and lead the team to ensure they achieve their targets. We can assist you with your Sales Manager recruitment by accessing our huge library of professionals who are available throughout the UK.
Marketing Manager recruitment will bring someone in who develops the marketing strategy for the organisation whilst ensuring that it is in line with the company objectives. They also coordinate marketing campaigns and oversee the company’s marketing budget.
A Digital Marketing Manager develops and manages digital marketing campaigns and utilises a range of different digital marketing techniques such as paid search, SEO and PPC. If your organisation requires help with Digital Marketing Manager recruitment, then our library of professionals can help find the perfect candidates.
Account Manager recruitment would bring a professional into your organisation who would be responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers whilst maintaining the organisation’s existing relationships with their current clients.
A Business Development Manager identifies sale leads whilst pitching goods and services to new clients and maintaining a good working relationship with new contacts. Optimal PBS Recruitment Services has a network and database of professionals based throughout the UK who are perfect for organisations looking for the best candidates.
Brand Managers are concerned about creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share. They monitor market trends and oversee advertising and marketing activities throughout the organisation. Brand Manager recruitment can help your organisation with your marketing and advertising. Our library has a huge number of professionals throughout the UK who are ready to step into this role.

Product Manager recruitment would bring professionals into your organisation who develop products by identifying potential products, conduct market research, generate product requirements and determine the specifications of the production timetable and pricing.

The duties of a Marketing Executive include planning, developing and implementing effective marketing communication campaigns. If you require any assistance with your Marketing Executive recruitment, then our services will be perfect for your organisation as our network and database are both available to all businesses throughout the UK.

If you require assistance with your Content Manager recruitment then our huge network of professionals will be brilliant for your organisation. A Content Manager is someone who oversees the content presented on websites and blogs and is responsible for creating, editing, posting and updating content.

A Campaign Manager devises and runs marketing campaigns for products or services that target consumers or other businesses. If you require assistance with your Campaign Manager recruitment, then our recruitment services can help you find the perfect candidate for your role.

Optimal PBS have been working in the Motor Trade Recruitment Industry for a number of years. In an Industry that is ever revolving, one which is fast-paced and continuously advancing in technology, we have built a team of ex-Motor Trade specialists who not only know the industry but also know the roles and the dealerships. All have been high performing Sales Executives at top dealerships and have an extensive database of clients and candidates.

If you would like us to support your Sales & Marketing recruitment and any of the roles which fall within this function, you can contact us through our contact page, we’re open Monday to Friday, from 8am till 6pm.

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