Recruiting Risk & Compliance Professionals

Regulation is at the top of every organisations priority list. With an ever changing regulatory landscape, its critical to ensure you have the highly qualified and experienced professionals fulfilling these roles.

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Managing risk and compliance in your organisation

Working in Risk and Compliance jobs can be difficult. It covers a huge number of roles to ensure that everyone throughout your organisation is aware of any risks that could occur and that they are compliant. At Optimal PBS Recruitment Services, we can help any organisations throughout the UK with Risk and Compliance recruitment. We have a vast database and network which is filled with professionals in a number of industries ready to step into a role which you require.

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The Risk & Compliance roles we recruit include

If you require help with your Risk & Compliance Director recruitment, then you need to know exactly what roles the professional should be covering. A Risk & Compliance Director’s role is to ensure that the organisation is fully compliant with any legislation and regulations within its industry whilst managing the risk to an organisation and its employees, customers, reputation, assets etc.
The main role for a Head of Risk & Compliance is to raise awareness and provide as an advisory for regulatory aspects throughout the organisation to ensure that only the best practice and compliance is present.
When you need assistance with any Risk & Compliance Manager recruitment, you need to know exactly what roles and responsibilities the professional should fill. The responsibilities of a Risk & Compliance Manager include ensuring that everyone within all departments is complying with the rules, regulations and risk management that the company uphold.
The Risk & Governance Manager roles include, but isn’t limited to undertaking an analysis of business risks so they’re able to deliver an accurate view of the risk profile of the organisation. Our vast network and database of locally-based professionals throughout the UK can help you with your Risk & Governance Manager recruitment.
A Risk Analyst examines organisations to ensure that they’re inline with any industry standard regulations so the risk of anything happening is minimised. Any Risk Analyst recruitment you require can be assisted through our huge database of professionals which is available to all organisations throughout the UK.
An Information Security Risk Manager manages any information security risks whether it’s internal or third party and provide guidance through IT procedures, policies and controls. If you require assistance with your Information Security Risk Manager recruitment, at Optimal PBS recruitment services we have a huge variety of professionals of whom are all experts in different fields available throughout the UK.
If you require help with your Compliance Manager recruitment, then you will want to know exactly what is needed from the professional you employ. Their roles include, but aren’t limited to conducting periodic internal reviews to ensure that compliance procedures are followed, conduct direct and internal investigations of any compliance issues and assess product compliance.
A Legal Compliance Officer has to develop, implement, maintain and monitor the compliance activities of an organisation. If you require any help with your Legal Compliance Officer recruitment, then our vast database and network recruitment services are perfect for your organisation.
If you require help with your Quality Management Systems Manager recruitment, then you want to know what roles the professional will have to fill. They monitor production processes to ensure that the products produced are of high quality and in accordance with the company and industry requirements.
A Continuous Improvement Manager drives the improvement of processes and systems in a company and implements different programs that will have continuing long-term benefits. They develop plans, schedules and budgets for projects to help improve the existing process. Continuous Improvement Manager recruitment is something that we provide at Optimal PBS Recruitment Services through our UK-wide services which has the best local professionals ready for any organisation.
If you’re looking for Quality Assurance Manager recruitment, then we can help ensure that you employ the right professional for your industry with our huge database of experts. The general responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Manager include determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures and standards to ensure every department knows what quality is expected throughout the organisations.
A Quality Assurance Officer will be supporting the Quality Assurance Manager and ensure efficient functioning and implementation of all quality plans, regulations etc. If you’re an organisation that needs a hand with your Quality Assurance Officer recruitment, then you’re in the right place. Our database and network provide all industries throughout the UK with the professionals they require for their business.
If you’re looking to recruit a Health & Safety Manager, then you need to know their roles and responsibilities. They can, but aren’t limited to monitor health and safety risks and hazards in the workplace, advise employees on how to avoid any risks at work, first aid/nursing duties, ensure the business is compliant with any health and safety legislation, manage emergency procedures and are responsible for safety inspections in the workplace.
If you require assistance with your Health & Safety Officer/Advisor recruitment, then you need to know exactly what their responsibilities should be in your organisation. By employing a Health & Safety Officer/Advisor through our recruitment services, you will acquire a professional whose role is to promote a positive health and safety culture throughout your business and ensure that employers and workers are adhering to the current health and safety legislation.
An Internal Auditor’s responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to, reviewing an organisation’s business processes and evaluating the efficiency of risk management procedures that the business has in place. With our vast pool of professionals available within our recruitment services, we can help with any Internal Auditor recruitment you require.
The role of Legal Counsel someone who provides advice, guidance and representation for your business. If you require any assistance with any Legal Counsel recruitment, then our huge national database helps you recruit the roles you desire.

If you would like us to support your Risk & Compliance recruitment and any of the roles which fall within this function, you can contact us through our contact page, we’re open Monday to Friday, from 8am till 6pm.

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