Operational Management Recruitment

Managing front line services can be a complex role. And finding talented professionals who can competently juggle the many challenges that come with operational management can be difficult.

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Ensuring day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently

There’s a number of Operational Management responsibilities which spread across a variety of jobs. It includes managing both the operations process, embracing design, planning, control, performance, improvement and operations strategy.

If you require any assistance with you Operational Management recruitment, at Optimal PBS Recruitment Services, we have our very own national database and network which is filled with professionals up and down the country specialising in a huge variety of industries to fit any Operational Management role in your organisation.

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The Operational Management roles we recruit include

The Operations Director assists upper management in setting goals that help company growth, develop plans to increase efficiency and manage teams’ workloads to ensure they all meet their goals and deadlines. We can help with your Operations Director recruitment by accessing our vast database of professionals and providing you with someone perfect for the role.
If you need help with your Head of Operations recruitment, then you want to know the main responsibilities that the role should demand. The Head of Operations oversees day-to-day activities for the company whilst ensuring everything is in order.
The Head of Contact Centre main responsibilities include but aren’t limited to managing an operation that includes call centre and back-office functions and ensuring that customers and staff are engaged and satisfied. At Optimal PBS Recruitment Services, we can help with your Head of Contact Centre recruitment through our vast network and database of UK-wide professionals.
Head of Distribution recruitment can bring someone into your organisation who will organise the storage and distribution of goods, ensure that the right products are delivered to the right location on time and oversee transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the goods.
Operations Manager recruitment would bring in someone to your organisation who will manage materials, personnel and oversee inventory, purchasing and supplies within the business.
The Contact Centre Manager hires, trains, prepares and motivates staff to ensure they provide an excellent service to their customers. They set objectives and ensure that the company and staff are meeting their goals whilst providing excellent support. If you’re looking for assistance with your Contact Centre Manager recruitment, then our recruitment services have the professionals you need to fill this role you require.
If you need help with your Team Manager recruitment, then you need to know the responsibilities that the professional should be doing. They set group goals, organise, oversee daily operations and lead the team forward to ensure that they reach the set goals.
A Team leader manages and leads a team of employees, communicated company goals, safety practices and deadlines to ensure that everyone hits the required goals. We can help with your Team Leader recruitment.

If you would like us to support your Operational Management recruitment and any of the roles which fall within this function, you can contact us through our contact page, we’re open Monday to Friday, from 8am till 6pm.

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