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Human Resources is an integral part of the business and now more than ever are HR professionals showing their value to organisations. Demand for high calibre HR professionals has soared during 2020 and will continue to do so as we progress through the financial challenges ahead.

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At Optimal PBS Recruitment Services, we have superb knowledge when it comes to human resources. We know exactly what’s needed for a business, no matter how big or small, when it comes to HR we are one of the best human resources recruitment services nationally, which has allowed us to pool together some of the best talent that the UK has to offer across a number of different HR job roles.

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The Human Resource roles we recruit include

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The Head of HR/OD/L&D/Reward & Recognition will construct and oversee the implementation of rewards and recognitions throughout the organisation across all levels, ranging from trainees to senior positions. If you require help with Head of HR/OD/L&D/Reward & Recognition recruitment, then our library of professionals can provide you with the choices you need to pick the perfect candidates.
If you’re looking for HR Operations Manager recruitment then you’re going to want someone to oversee all functions of the human resources department and provide support to employees. They set objectives for the HR team and track progress, monitor key HR metrics, design and implement company policies and create detailed reports on HR costs.

By looking at HR Business Partner recruitment, you want someone in your business who is responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management. They will serve as a consultant to management positions on any human resource-related issues.

By using our database to help with your HR Manager recruitment, you’ll be given some of the best professionals in the UK to choose from. Their role is to manage, create, implement and supervise any policies/regulations that are mandatory for every employee and have the knowledge of how it should be functioning within the business.
We can help with your HR Analyst recruitment through our huge pool of experts and ensure you get the perfect professional for your business. HR Analysts are responsible for identifying and assisting in any HR related issues, whilst ensuring that they are adhering to the organisation’s policies and objectives through analysing and evaluating data and reports.
The main responsibilities for an HR Advisor includes researching performance evaluation methods and assisting with designing company policies. We can help with your HR Advisor recruitment in any industry by accessing our vast pool of professionals.
If you need help with any HR Administrator/Assistant recruitment, then you’ve come to the right place. We can access our database and network to get the perfect expert for your industry. An HR Administrator/Assistant will create forms, templates and any other HR related documents needed for your business and explain company policies and procedures to employees.
HR Consultants & Contractors are responsible for advising management on the administration of the human resources policies and procedures. They serve as an internal consultant as they can analyse a company’s current programs and recommend any solutions. If you’re looking for HR Consultant & Contractor recruitment, then our recruitment services are here to help.
If you’re looking for Reward & Recognition Manager recruitment, then you need someone who knows how to fit the job role. A Reward & Recognition Manager leads the development, implementation and evaluation of reward programs in-place for employees.
We can help with any Reward & Recognition Consultant & Contractor recruitment you require. A Reward & Recognition Consultant & Contractor suggests and creates reward and recognition structures throughout an organisation, from employees to senior executives.
The role of an Organisation Design Specialist demands someone who can define and organise the structure of companies, create job titles and allocate resources to the right places to improve efficiency and productivity. We can help you with your Organisation Design Specialist recruitment by accessing our huge database of industry professionals in your local area who are at the ready.
Organisation Development Consultant recruitment can help you employ someone who will provide recommendations and implement strategies to ensure continuous improvement throughout your organisation.
If you’re looking for Organisation Development Manager recruitment, then you need someone who can integrate themselves within your business immediately. Organisation Development Manager’s review, develop and embed the organisational development across the business so employees and management know exactly what’s needed.
An Organisation Development Business Partner looks to ensure consistent commitment and continuous improvement is implemented throughout the organisation. They create an environment which ensures employees are highly engaged and are given the right tools needed to bring improvement within their role and department. By scanning through our huge database, we’re able to help with your Organisation Development Business Partner recruitment.
The role of a Learning & Development Manager is expected to create and deliver training events for all employees, ranging from initial inductions to leadership programmes. Through our huge network and database, we’re able to assist all organisations with their Learning & Development Manager recruitment.
If you’re looking at Learning & Development Business Partner recruitment, then you need to know the role they should fill. Their role consists of partnering with the business to develop and maintain future learning and development needs that support the business objectives and design learning solutions for the whole organisation.
The role of a Learning & Development Advisor includes but is not limited to coordinating learning and development activities, arranging training courses and constantly looking to develop the business by finding the best solutions for different business areas/individuals.
As for general Employee Engagement Role recruitment, we can help any organisation find their perfect professional ranging across a number of areas, from Employee Engagement Officers to Employee Engagement Consultants. We have a huge pool of experts covering a wide variety of areas perfect for all businesses.
Payroll Advisor roles usually assist the Payroll Manager by ensuring all payroll information is processed accurately and in a timely manner, they keep up to date with legislative and regulatory requirements and ensure they’re met. By using our recruitment services, we can help get the best talent in your area for your business.
A Payroll Manager ensures that employees are paid on time and complies with payroll information by managing payroll preparation, completing reports and maintaining records. They update payroll records frequently, maintain payroll information by designing systems, directing the collection, calculation and entering of data and ensure that the business complies with all legal requirements, both existing and new legislation. We can help you with your Payroll Manager recruitment through our vast network and database of industry professionals.

If you require assistance with your Human Resources recruitment and are looking to fill any of the positions mentioned, then you can contact us through our contact page, we’re open Monday to Friday from 8am till 6pm.

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