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The Executive Office plays an integral role in setting and advancing your business strategy, and in preserving an organisations culture. They are often responsible for safeguarding the relationship with clients, shareholders, policy makers, and the broader public as well as ensuring the company has the appropriate legal frameworks in place to be able to operate compliantly.

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The Executive Office is an incredibly important area of the business as it requires a huge variety of roles to be covered and the relevant skills required to ensure that everything is done to the best of their ability. We have a vast pool of incredible personnel who can step into any company and make an impact. If you require assistance with your Executive Office recruitment, then our recruitment services are perfect for any organisation looking to recruit professionals within this area for their business.

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The Executive Office roles we recruit include

You need someone to manage and lead your organisation and it’s imperative that this role is filled with someone who has the knowledge and skills that cover a wide variety of areas within the business. Optimal PBS can help you with the recruitment of a Chief Executive that is perfect for your business.
Since the credit crisis back in 2007/8, risk recruitment has been one of the fastest growing areas of recruitment and someone is needed to spearhead any risks that remain in this growing market and govern them with confidence. If you require assistance with your Director of Risk & Governance recruitment, we have a huge database of professionals who are located throughout the UK ready for any organisation.
Someone has to be responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly in regards to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and making sure that any important decisions made by the board are implemented. A Company Secretary helps ensure that your business is compliant with regulations and implementing decisions on a frequent basis. If you require help with your Company Secretary recruitment, then our recruitment services will be perfect for your organisation.

These Corporate Governance roles help direct and control businesses to ensure that a satisfactory governance structure is in place by setting the values and balancing the interests of the company’s stakeholders. We can help your Corporate Governance recruitment and ensure that each role is filled by someone who has worked in the industry before and knows the values your stakeholders are interested in.

The General Counsel helps provide the Senior Management with effective advice on any company strategies and their implementation, manages the legal function and obtains and oversees any work outside of the counsel. They’re usually involved in any complex business transactions and negotiating critical contracts. We can help with your General Counsel recruitment through our network and database of industry professionals who are located throughout the UK.

Executive Assistant recruitment will bring an individual into the organisation who can help with office duties that could include ordering supplies, managing a records database, sorting and distributing incoming emails, faxes and other correspondence whilst providing general administrative support.

We can help your business any Legal Expert recruitment your business may require. Our database and network both have a huge variety of legal experts who are able to help and advise your business on any legal matters.
Any complaints that your organisation receives can be handled by people who are qualified to do so. Complain Handler recruitment will bring in someone who can do just this. This allows your business to keep moving forward whilst others deal with any issues.

If you would like us to support your Executive Office recruitment and any of the roles which fall within this function, you can contact us through our contact page, we’re open Monday to Friday, from 8am till 6pm.

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